PUBLIC Wilderness, A Cold Teacher [Jedi]

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    Through the snow of the tundras and wilderness landscape, I trudged onward. Holding the poncho hood up upon my head with both hands. Hoping that even this smallest action would keep me warm against the whipping winds that was this environment. Easily, I could have used many force powers in order to keep myself warm, protected, and the like. However, I thought it would be disingenuous to the Jedi who came before me.

    Holding out the holorecorder, it showed the the global positioning of myself comparable to that of my destination. A mythic praxeum that has been not kept in years... likely for a time well longer than most Governments of today's age. It was my intention to find such a place, and to renovate it, restore it so that other Jedi, or like minded individuals as myself, could use it as a home away from home.

    Making further steps forward, I put away the holorecorder as I crested a hill. Using gloved hands to steady myself for a moment in the exposed winds. Looking down into the valley upon a single structure stood. Smiling brightly beneath the envirosuit helmet, I couldn't wait any longer. Letting a bit of my emotions get ahead of me.

    Trudging steps turned into an excited pace of running down this valley. Closing the distance faster and faster so that I might reach a place long forgotten due to the many conflicts of the galaxy.

    Arca Jeth's Praxeum was one such structure, I wished to bring back as a location that the Jedi Covenant, and maybe, maybe some hand picked Jedi of the New Republic could come and learn, to study the force in its aspects.

    It took some time, but finally reaching the door, It took some might to open it against the environment. Snow drifts had held it shut for many years. Untouched by anyone. A little bit if the force to move it out of my way, and yanking it open, the door revealed the main hall. Dark, and alone within it.

    I smiled a little more brightly than before. Removing the hood of my poncho as well as the envirosuit helmet. Breathing in somewhat fresh air.

    "Now, to gather them."

    With haste, I imputed the coordinates to the location and sent them to the Jedi I knew of. Hoping that some would join me in discovering this praxeum, and maybe, help me run it.
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