EVENT The Tourney at Oldtown

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    In The Reach, chivalry is held in the highest of regards. Honor and gallantry are virtues that all Lords and Knights aspire to. For the sons and daughters of Garth Greenhand, there is few more glorious than to be crowned Champion.

    To celebrate the Nameday of his beloved wife, King Gawen Hightower has declared a week of celebration. In her honor, an enormous feast and a great tournament is to be held at the capitol.

    For the Lords and Knights of the realm, eager to test their mettle: the Tourney of Oldtown. A single-elimination tournament consisting of Jousting, Melee, and Archery. For the winners: A large sack of gold, and an expertly crafted weapon from the Smithys of Oldtown.

    From atop the Hightower, invitations soared far across Westeros. All the Lords and Ladies of the Realm, from the North to Dorne, are invited to attend this week of celebration.
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    Social events were not Aelora's forte. Large gatherings such as those hosted by one of the kings of the Reach made for valuable intelligence gathering, however, or at the very least, free food. Given her relatively low profile in the Seven Kingdoms, Aelora elected to instead attend the tourney under the guise of a commoner. While she deplored the smallfolk, she had little issue going undercover as one in order to boost her strategic advantage. She didn't think it likely, but thought it would be a bonus if the Lannister king were to make an appearance.

    She had half a mind to enter the melee or archery competitions, confident she would dominate the competition with ease, but ultimately shirked the decision. Her low profile, and thus the likelihood of being underestimated, posed to be of far more personal value than some prize and wide recognizance.

    With her hood up, she blended into the crowd in the direction of the assembling audience preparing for the spectacles of the jousting tournament. The sport was of no interest, but the chatter and rumors which people so delightfully gossip about were.
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