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    Following the siege of King’s Landing by the mad queen Daenerys of House Targaryen and the unlikely ascension of Bran of House Stark to the throne, the people of Westeros knew peace. However, the peace did not hold. As Sansa of House Stark ruled an independent North, House Greyjoy too demanded to be released from the rule of King’s Landing. Dorne would soon follow, and the Reach shortly thereafter.

    By 309, King Bran’s supernatural gift proved to be no match for the greed of mankind. Certain democratic principles instituted under his rule would see the end of Bran the Broken’s rule, as he would be deposed the same way he was chosen: by unanimous vote of the ruling lords of Westeros. These same kingdoms would choose to decentralize their rule, pledging to live amongst one another in peace, as independent nations before Aegon’s Conquest. These decades separated from one another proved to be a challenging task, unprecedented for many lifetimes. Despite these many challenges, the kingdoms lived lives of relative peace and stability.

    The first day of the new year in 91 AD (After Dissolution, 400 AC), catastrophe struck Westeros. Throughout the continent, a mysterious illness had overcome hundreds of thousands. This illness would be indiscriminate, claiming the lives of women and children, lords and knights. Ruling houses would be wiped from existence, and turmoil would overcome all of the seven Westerosi kingdoms with varying degrees of intensity. Port and trade cities were struck the hardest, seeing substantial reductions in population and condition. Only those more separated were able to effectively contain the disease.

    Taking advantage of the chaos and opportunity it presented, the ruling lords of the Westerlands and the Trident united their houses in a push to King’s Landing, where they would once more attempt to unionize the seven kingdoms of Westeros. After successfully claiming King’s Landing, and the Crownlands by extension, it was House Lannister to find itself on the throne. Ravens were dispatched to the capitals of each kingdom, declaring all kingdoms united to the same glory as under the rule of King Aegon I. This message was met with open defiance from Winterfell, Highgarden, Sunspear, and Pyke.

    After consultation with the Small Council, the Crown believes the cause for the wanton destruction of life to have originated from Asshai, across the Narrow Sea, and the Citadel has been ordered to investigate the reason behind the death. To further shed light on the origins of the plague, a temporary office was to be created within the Small Council: Lord Inquisitor, who will lead the investigation with the full backing of the Crown and report to no less than the Hand of the King.

    The year is now 92 AD (401 AC), and the conflict in Westeros continues...

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