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    Seraphine Flowers
    Alias: Sera
    • Complimentary: The Flower of House Beesbury
    • Derogatory: N/A
    House: Beesbury
    House Words: Beware Our Sting
    Bloodline: Ellyn Eversweet
    Titles: Bastard of House Beesbury
    Seat: N/A
    Allegiance: House Beesbury, House Hightower of the Hightower, Kingdom of Oldtown
    Personal Coat of Arms:
    Born: 383 AC, at Castle Honeyholt
    • Family:
    • Immediate Family:
      • Father: Glendon Beesbury
      • Mother: Unknown songstress
      • Half-Brother: Ryger Beesbury
      • Half-Brother: Garth Beesbury

    Brown haired with big blue eyes

    Brought up with a sheltered upbringing, Seraphine grew up with romanticized stories of her deceased mother and has an idealized view of the world. Naive in the way of the world, Seraphine is optimistic in nature and has a deep love for song as she wishes to follow in the footsteps of her late mother. Due to her aspirations, she is not studious in nature save for her reading and writing lessons as she wishes to be able to transcribe her songs onto parchment, however, aside from reading, writing, and the arts, she does not excel in much else.


    Born from an tryst between Glendon Beesbury and a travelling songstress after the death of his wife, Seraphine is the third child of House Beesbury and the only bastard within the main House. As the youngest and the only girl of the family, Seraphine was raised in a loving and sheltered environment.

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