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    Name: Reynard Florent
    Alias: N/A
    Title: Lord of Brightwater Keep
    Allegiance: Kingdom of the Reach
    Culture: Reachman
    • Brother:
    • Sister:

    Born: 66 AD

    Appearance and Character:
    Of average height and neither too lean nor stocky Reynard would appear almost average were it not for his black hair and blue eyes, a step away from the characteristics of the Reachmen, yet still possessing the generous ears attributed to the Florents.

    Reynard would like to believe that he maintains an even blend of ambition, cunning, and martial prowess, yet all of this is untested. Time will tell if he is capable as both an aristocrat and a combatant.

    Seemingly slow to anger and quick to forgive Reynard works to make friends with everyone he meets, while at the same time assessing and pursuing a course of action that benefits him while also avoiding unfavorable consequences.

    The man harbors a great deal of pride in his own ability and most of all his hereditary line, something which has caused him to blunder where he might otherwise succeed. Unquestionably loyal to those Florents that have survived the plague the Lord of Brightwater Keep seeks to both protect and elevate the house.

    Born as the second son of four children, Reynard’s upbringing was one of constant change and familial strife. His older brother, frail yet intelligent, was cemented as the heir to the family while he and his younger brother were pressed into other vocations and education abroad.

    His younger years were spent as a ward to various Dornish houses, despite any rivalries the Reachmen and the Dornish entertain, spending many years in Starfall before becoming a squire to a reputable Dornish Hedge Knight. He traveled the countryside of Westeros experiencing a taste for the various cultures and the freedoms that came with.

    Although the reputation of most Hedge Knights was poor the Hedge Knight Reynard was accustomed to possessed both chivalry and cunning, an amalgam of honor and flexibility which garnered the Knight various accolades and prestige as he traveled from job to skirmish and skirmish to tournament. This Hedge Knight passed on his knowledge of the lands as well as his some of his ability with the blade to Reynard.

    Woefully, these lessons were cut short as the Hedge Knight suffered an injury while assisting a local lord of the Trident in putting down some bandits that had outstayed their welcome. Declaring that he had nothing else to teach he released Reynard from his squire-ship only for the boy to disappear from the public perception.

    Delving into the underworld Reynard experienced life from a different perspective. Using the skills he had learned from the Hedge Knight and an uncalled bluff concerning his age and origin, the Florent found himself in a group of five ‘soldiers-for-hire’, passing from one town to the next selling their services out to those willing to pay with either coin or grain.

    While no stranger to travel the sudden drop in quality of both food and lodging were difficult for the highborn, so accustomed to the finer things. When coffers were low and work few and far between the sellswords resorted to banditry, stealing whatever goods they could get their hands on.

    Eventually this group was caught forcing Reynard to reveal his identity so that he might avoid punishment. Hasty and hefty bribes were supplied by House Florent to both retrieve their lost scion and silence any loose tongues who might wag about the sort of mischief he had been involved with.

    Reynard’s brother’s health had deteriorated further but the family still held out hope, yet kept the other successors close at hand in case things took a turn for the worse. Restricted to Brightwater Keep the boy, now a man at this point, became accustomed to the life of his youth. The leash his father held was tight with both responsibilities and expectations being placed upon his shoulders. Arranged marriages, administration, diplomacy, the faculties and accouterments of nobility became the norm. His old life was washed away in haste to prepare him for court life.

    House Florent suffered greatly at the loss of not only the patriarch and the inheritor but many of its kinsman during the plague of 91 AD. Thrust into power so suddenly Reynard used harsh and brutal methods to quarantine the sick and dying and slaying any and all that attempted to break his legislation. While costly and ruthless, his actions safeguarded Brightwater from a worse fate.

    When the declaration of unity came from the Kingdom of the Iron Throne to the Reach he was among the first to prepare for war. If war was to come he would be found at the forefront, though he knew not what role he might play.

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