INVASION Kingdom of the Rock Invasion of Tumbleton

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    This thread is to serve as a notification that the Kingdom of the Rock will be invading the Kingdom of the Mandervale's Tumbleton. The outcome of this invasion will determine whether the province of Tumbleton will remain with the Kingdom of the Mandervale or go red and become a part of the Kingdom of the Rock. If we cannot come to a consensus as to who the winner is, an admin will be tasked with judging the invasion and determining the winner (For the purposes of this invasion, I myself will be recused from the process and play no role in judging).

    As we are still in the developing stages of the board, formal invasion and judging rules have not yet been adopted so there will likely be a large degree of fluidity required. In the coming days, staff will be releasing updated troop numbers (spoiler alert: everyone is getting nerfed), and ideally before the ICly invasion begins, we will have some provisional rules governing attacking and defending territories.

    Note for Raymond Fossoway: You will have 14 days to create and complete a thread where you may bolster your defenses and raise troops in defense of your territory. I want to stress this is not a full-scale invasion. It is not realistic nor necessary to mobilize the whole kingdom's army for this invasion. Only a few thousand troops will be necessary (e.g: I plan on bringing somewhere in the area of 4,000-5,000).

    Communication between parties is essential to maintain a low-stress environment and more seamless RP experience. I am available on Discord for any questions that arise or any plot points you may wish to dicuss.
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    The Kingdom of Oldtown will be honouring it's defensive pact with the Kingdom of Mandervale, and will join the defenders.

    Rolland Tarly will join Raymond Fossoway with a yet-to-be-determined number of troops.

    As I am staff (Harbinger), I will also be recusing myself from any judging/decision making around this invasion.
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