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    Ruler: King Cerran Blackwater
    Ruling House: House Blackwater of Highgarden
    Capitol: Highgarden
    Levy Size: 13,600

    Description: The Kingdom of Highgarden was formed after the Great Split, in which various provinces in the Reach and the houses that ruled them, opted to split away from control of House Blackwater. At the time of split, the Six Kingdoms had ceded from the Crownlands, marking the end of Bran the broken's reign. Three houses rose up and in time the Reach coalesced around those Houses, leaving the fifdoms present and their new names. King Tyrion Blackwater, eldest son of the Ser Bronn allowed for a peaceful split. Setting up the first map of the new Reach and ensuring a loose pact that would allow the split kingdoms to come together to prevent invasion from outside the Reach. Regarding the culture cultivated by the Kingdom of Highgarden preserves traditions established by House Tyrell, such as the Masquerade at the night of the harvest moon. Pipers, fiddlers, singers and harpers, all thrive not just at Highgarden but across the provinces that comprise its domain. Despite claims of how upjumped and cutthroat House Blackwater is, these haven't really manifested within the people. Many attribute this to Ser Bronn's wife, a surviving Florent named Jenny, that fostered at Highgarden and was kept there.

    There is one visible difference in the culture that prides itself on chivalry and leisure. Many merchants came from King's Landing and Essos during Ser Bronn's time as Master of Coin. This encouraged a mercantile culture throughout. Trade was a big focus, wanting to export the riches in terms of food to the Westerlands, Riverlands, Stormlands and Dorne. Some of them became petty Lords, others went on to form a prominent merchant guild. That merchant guild in conjunction with House Blackwater, formed the Greenwater Bank. Paving a new culture of high society around banking, more in the style of Essos. Military was significantly affected by Ser Bronn's leadership. His ingenuity (well, low cunning as his critics would say), enhanced not just Castle Guard at Highgarden but set traditions of the standing army throughout the century. Not only are they well trained but they're run more like a Sellsword company, which attracts many hedgeknights across Westeros and even independent sellswords. As Ser Bronn would say, "you wanna fight pretty or do you wanna win?" An interesting fact about the Kingdom of Highgarden, is that after the first quarter century, they favoured interkingdom marriages. Prominent highborn from across the independent kingdoms were eligible to marry into the noble houses. King Tyrion Blackwater's wife for example is a Manderly, reuniting them in the Reach after so long. While Arryns of Gulltown married into Blackwater and other families.

    Number of Provinces Held: 13
    List of Provinces:

    • Bardshome: 600
    • Highgarden: 5400
    • Smallwood: 1000
    Goldengrove: (3000)
    • Goldengrove: 2200
    • Ivy Hall: 400
    • Smithyton: 400
    Cockleswhent: (3600)
    • Ashford: 1400
    • Holyhall: 400
    • Starpike: 1400
    • Yelshire: 400
    Torrent Peak (3000)
    • Alden Keep: 1000
    • Torrent Peak: 1000
    • Wythers: 1000

    Notable Lords (Player Characters)
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