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    Sunrise on the coast of Westeros was something that had never lost its charm. The economic strife of the lower classes grew old rather quickly, though. Some commoners had their own lands and were able to sustain themselves and some with pastures and crop fields. Others who specialized in trades, such as Francis, were at the mercy of employers who would have the coin to pay for their services. When the kingdoms prospered, such prosperity seldom trickled down to the lowest rungs on the ladder. Francis was but a step up from the bottom rung, and often took to the charity of septries. He would seek to work for his fill, and often times the monks would be happy to let a man of his skill contribute to their humble domicile. The septries themselves were often poor as well, such is a condition of living as a brother of the Gods.

    Francis wasn't a devout man, but he had something of an affinity for the houses of the Gods. Many times they were simple structures for the sole purpose of housing services, but it was the less common and more grand houses of worship he came to fall in love with. Having made a pilgrimage to the Great Sept of Baelor, he became infatuated with cathedrals and what they stood to represent. To believers, they were a tribute to the Gods and all they stood for. To Francis, it was a testament to the genius of mankind. To that end, he sought audience with a lord who would commission him to build such a sept in their lands, with the endorsement of a diocese of course.

    He first had to eliminate which cities would likely decline his services. Those with already existing septs and those within a couple day's travel to major septs would be unlikely to spend the coin. Thus King's Landing, Oldtown, and Stony Sept could all be removed from consideration. Francis too thought of climates in which he would like to work. It was the summer season now, but work on a sept of the quality he endeavored to build would take several years.

    Bronzegate, Duskendale, Silverhill, even Maidenpool might be appreciative of his services and see the benefits of increased traffic in their town, along with the economic boost that came with it. The Lords of Longtable and Cider Hall had declined his services for fear they would not be able to sustain a project of such a large magnitude. He wasn't even granted audience with the Lord of Ashford for reasons unbeknownst to him. Dorne was a peculiar kingdom, one he was keen to stay out of.

    His next stop would be New Barrel.

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