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    Name: Gerold Lannister
    • Complimentary: The Sea Lion
    • Derogatory: The Lesser Lion
    House: Lannister of Lannisport
    House Words: The Richer Sound
    Bloodline: Lann the Clever
    • Ser
    • Lord of Lannisport
    Seat: Lannisport
    • House Lannister of Lannisport
    • Kingdom of the Rock
    Personal Coat of Arms: A golden sea lion, above water, on a red field.

    Culture: Westerman
    Born: 369 AC
    • Family:
      • Wife: Lelia Lannister née Crakehall
      • Son: Gerion Lannister
    • Immediate Family:
      • Father: Gareth Lannister
      • Mother: Celessa Lannister née Westerling
      • Sister: Shiera Lannister
      • Sister: Jayne Lannister
      • Sister: Rosamund Lannister
      • Sister: Alys Lannister

    Lord Gerold Lannister, also known as The Sea Lion, is the head of House Lannister of Lannisport, and Lord of Lannisport.


    In 390 AC, House Drumm of Old Wyk launched a daring raid upon Lannisport. Lord Gareth Lannister, alonside Gerold Lannister, led the defense of the city. In the ensuing naval battle, Lord Gareth Lannister fell to Lord Harwyn Drumm's axe.




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