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    Name: Ming Tan

      • Francis Tan
    Occupation: Master Builder
    Culture: Yi Ti
    Born: 59 AD, in Yi Ti

    Wife: TBD

    Son: TBD

    Daughter: TBD




    Ming Tan was born in the western reaches of Yi Ti to a lower middle class family. As a boy, he frequently traveled with his father, a leather trader, to the Braavosi markets. While he could not read many words, he had a natural understanding with numbers and was able to calculate arithmetic faster than most adults who required the assistance of tools to do so. In a seemingly random act, they were attacked as they carted their goods from their boat to the market. One mugger pushed Ming to the ground with ease and seized control of the cart while the other clubbed his father in the head. Frightened, Ming crawled to the side of his father, who lay unmoving while the thieves made away with their stock. His father would not survive the blow, and Ming would not survive the night, if not for his reluctant pragmatism.

    Taking what he could off his father's person, he sailed just out of the harbor where he would commit his father's body to the sea. Upon his return, he sold their boat for a copper star and some pennies, and acquired passage to Westeros. On his journey, he met a holy brother of the Faith. It was this monk, Brother Andolphus, who would become a mentor to Ming. Accepting Andolphus' charity, Ming accompanied him to his septry, where he would study the common tongue, become literate, and learn his craft of masonry; his natural gift with arithmetic would aid him immensely in that regard.

    He would begin by building small stone houses around the septry, and latter additions to the church and septry. As time went by, Ming would perfect his craft and Brother Andolphus would become the elder brother of the septry. The two had shared a special bond, a unique friendship. Ming would eventually convert to the Faith of the Seven and remain devout in his beliefs, having seen its work in the septry and neighboring communities. It was then that Ming had decided to take the name Francis, a little-known figure in the Faith who helped establish the septry at Lord Harroway's Town. Beneath his sincere motivations to change his name, he too hoped it would lessen the xenophobia he experienced, though he knew it would never go away. He didn't look like the other people in Westeros.




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