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    Kalja blinked a few times, turning back to look at Lanik as he continued. She admired his courage and acceptance of his own fault in the incident. His mother was teaching him well, a respected Jedi Master much like her husband. Kalja respected them as much as they did her. She would simply nod in agreement.

    "Alright..." She turned back to Valryss Zan Kaar and nodded. "I'll leave you to it then." She gazed back at Tyra Kadenze and then to Lanik once more before moving on back to observing.
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    The pain subsided relatively quickly from where Tyra was struck, and at once she got back up. The other padawans were no doubt chuffed that they escaped the exercise unscathed. She hoped they would forget about her and Lanik's failed attempt and the class would move on, but she heard groans and a feeling of annoyance instead. While the girl was retrieving her dropped lightsaber, Lanik seemed intent on another round. Too intent. Tyra saw his objection to the meld as a mere excuse for their failure, but she just crossed her arms and did not press the issue.

    Tyra's eyes narrowed. Lanik was getting on her nerves, his persistence especially. She was about to turn him down too, but she caught her master's glance which unsettled her further. She rubbed her arm out of habit, knowing what her master expects of her. And yet her failure had whittled down her confidence to near non-existence. Having an unsteady mind would lead to disastrous results, possibly far worst than the last.

    Admitting failure and attributing blame to yourself was very difficult for prideful minds, especially when the other person was eager to try again despite it. Tyra did not have Lanik's strength, and that flaw made her sour.

    "I'm not. Found someone else."

    She gave a scornful look to the rest of those gathered, "I'm sure there's plenty others who want to give it a go."

    Tyra turned to Kalja and Valryss and gave a short bow. A hint of shame evident on her face before it was replaced it with the illusion of apathy. She could've remained to observe the rest of the lesson, but she decided to leave instead, making her way up the steps and back into the temple proper.

    Returning to Coruscant was a mistake.

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