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    All of it was strange, new to Valdis for the first time in a long time. Fear of the unknown had caused him to go through a series of events since emerging in this unfamiliar time. He accessed the Holonet as quick as he did, and to his shock found how far into the past he was flung into. Something that had stood an an enigma to the dark sider. What was worse is that he started to experience extreme headaches since coming from the time nexus. His memories blurred from time to time, as well as trying to hold on to who he really was. To thrive in this new world however, one had to take a new name. He couldn't risk his ancestors to know who he really was. He already was afraid as it is of fading into nothing.

    The World between Worlds was not to be taken lightly, and now he was suffering some side effects that one could say was more than unpleasant. Coming from a time where one could be revered as a God, and yet fall so far into the depths of chaos, or at least the rungs of levels that made his world chaos. War, famine, political turmoil and disease. He sought to correct all that where in his naïve attempt to control the Force to alter the fabric of the universe, and now the attempt had backfired on him and here he was in this place.

    Over the days and weeks, he had traveled the galaxy quietly. Learning that some begrudging things like Imperials existing. Perhaps more so very similar to that of his own time. The mysterious dark sider had gained a craft for he could travel without any problem. A TIE Defender was not the best of craft for long term voyage, and yet the uncomfortable pod would suffice. As there was only place on his mind. His home of Dathomir, but in this time he couldn't call it home. It was as foreign as the rest of the galaxy was. He was a pilgrim in an unholy land. A stranger to this time and everything in it. What path could he forge from this loss? Could he really see his dreams fulfilled?

    The Twin Ion Engine roared as it traveled over the red world. Dathomir had a dark essence to it, and what he would find. He was not sure. More or less the same, and yet perhaps not. He couldn't tell. Sometimes it was difficult enough to concentrate let alone bare what would happen next. The TIE soared above the endless red mist and the jungles that were intertwined with it. With the craft slowly settling down upon the red covered terrain.

    The dark sider already on guard, as he gripped his helm. "Uh, Remembrance is fading... What I remember around me is slowly vanishing.... Has it already started to take hold?" He pondered slowly on the decay within his brain. Yet as he walked slowly he could feel eyes on him at every corner. As he knew he wasn't alone. While venturing deep into the dark and treacherous swamp not knowing who he would find, or who would cross his path.
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    “I wanna see a rancor!” The voice belonging to a child squealed excitedly, resonating with boundless joy and absolute disregard for safety.

    The words sent shivers up everyone’s spine, for it meant the little tyrant was about to drag everyone into another incredibly dangerous, deadly situation. The servants of Funami Teriyaki quickly exchanged knowing glances and let fake smiles pull up the corners of their lips. “That is a wonderful idea, Miss Teriyaki. Where shall we set course to?”

    “Dathomir. Let’s go!”

    And off they went, scurrying away to make preparations for the trip.

    Funami wasn’t too happy when the Echoing Giggle touched Dathomir’s ground and she witnessed its untamed wilderness in all its glory. Her lip curled in disgust as she angrily glared into the uninviting, colorful jungle. The suffocating dampness breathed on her, enough to make the city girl cringe. The breeze played with her pink, fluffy hair and also carried the awful stench of nature. Wrinkling her nose, the petite Atrisian cautiously stepped off the ship’s ramp, a long, graceful stride to deliver her upon a piece of ground that did not appear mushy.

    While taking pictures of a real rancor and claiming a trophy was a priority, she had zero intention of letting her adorable, pristine apparel gather any filth. As always, Funami wore her best clothes to properly represent the empire, Atrisia, and her family. Someone like her could not afford to sport filthy rags! Casting a disapproving look over her shoulder, she silently scrutinized the little army of servants subjected to her whims as they nervously followed in her wake.

    Carrying heavy bags and other items necessary to survive in the wilderness, the men and women employed and paid by her papa had disembarked the ship. They knew of the terrible engine of destruction hidden within the small girl’s body. They knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself. And they also knew she placed her own survival above anything else, making everyone but her expendable. Nobody dared to voice their thoughts, too afraid to feel the icy grip of her telekinetic hands around their throat. And so they sheepishly obeyed, marching into the jungle.

    “Onward!” The little Atrisian commanded and allowed her servants to catch up to her before trotting alongside them. “Perhaps we’re gonna meet the Nightsisters as well!”

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