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    Anya Botley
    Alias: "Eye of the Drowned God"
    • Complimentary: "Captain Trueshot."
    • Derogatory: ???
    House: Botley
    House Words: "Lords of the Port."
    Bloodline: Iron Islander
    Titles: Lady / Captain
    Seat: Lordsport
    Allegiance: House Greyjoy
    Personal Coat of Arms:

    Culture: Iron Islander
    Born: 384 AC
    • Family: Lord Axel Botley [Father], Lady Eris Botley nee Saltcliffe [Mother], Erina Botley [15], Meris Botley [12], Evelynne Botley [10] Rhaewyn Botley [8]
    • Extended Family: Captain Germund Botley [Uncle], Captain Tris Botley [Uncle], Lady Alisa Botley [Aunt]
    • Family-in-Law: House Saltcliffe.



    Born to House Botley under Lord Axel Botley and Lady Eris Botley nee Saltcliffe, Anya had been a girl who had always aspired to live a life of freedom with a love for material wealth and hedonistic desire. Having grown up in the booming commercial port of Lordsport, a major exporter of steel smithed goods as well as importer of other goods due to being a rather welcoming location and reforms with newer times, she had grown accustomed to the gold price, though longed to taste the honor of iron. She lived a life of in the moment passions and quickly learned to find herself as an assertive and authoritative figure during her youth, often making demands of others. She is the firstborn child among a misfortunate series of four other sisters along the main line. While there is some discontent at the idea of a female claimancy to the lordship of Lordsport, she looks to maintain it sternly in the event her father fails to produce a suitable male heir. she had found herself taking particular interest in the Ironborn culture of the ages past. Her father, having enjoyed the idea of embracing both the Gold and Iron price had been rather welcome and pleased with the current King Greyjoy. She often spent her time idling and learning new things for herself as an archer, experimenting with potion concoction during her offtime and learning more of the knowledge that Westeros had to offer as opposed to staying ignorant and stuck in the old ways without the prospect of innovation.

    She in her life had focused on the arts of lordly administration, learned to sail, to lead, and enjoyed taking to the arts of ranged combat, being dubbed "Captain Trueshot" for her impeccable aim with a bow or otherwise. Her ambitions are to gain larger land holdings and to obtain great wealth and power for her house among many other fantastical ideas such as obtaining Valyrian Steel, becoming royalty, and being dubbed a grand figure among men. As one of her king’s most loyal supporters, she has the hope of gaining his favor and sating all of her desires while she’s young, beautiful, and spry.

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