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    Name: Alester Redwyne
    • Complimentary: The Pirate's Scourge
    • Derogatory: N/A
    House: Redwyne
    House Words: Water The Vine
    Bloodline: Garth Greenhand
    • Ser
    • Lord of the Arbor
    • Master of Ships
    Seat: The Arbor
    • House Redwyne
    • Kingdom of Oldtown
    Personal Coat of Arms: A skull, enveloped by grape vines, on a blue field.

    Culture: Reachman
    Born: 362 AC
    • Family:
      • Wife:
      • Son: Redwyne
      • Daughter: Redwyne
      • Daughter: Redwyne
    • Immediate Family:
      • Brother: Redwyne
      • Sister: Samantha Redwyne
    • Family-In-Law:
      • Brother-In-Law: Lorence Hightower

    Ser Alester Redwyne, also known as The Pirate's Scourge, is the head of House Redwyne, and Lord of The Arbor.




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