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    Name: Alaenera Vaeltaris
    Alias: Alae | Liu XiaoLong
    Allegiance: Yi Ti
    Culture: Yi Tish

    Born: 382 AC, at Elyria

    A young woman of 17, Alaenera features stem from her Valyrian heritage and has what is considered the classical Valyrian look. Her hair is naturally a light silver-gold but dyed black with black walnut hulls after her and her brother were taken in by the Lord of Jinqi in order to blend in. Her long dark hair is usually tied in a simple high ponytail contrasts against her milky white skin. She stands at a height of approximately 165 centimeters with a slender frame.

    Born in Elyria to a noble house with deep Valyrian roots in Essos on the first day of spring to House Vaeltaris, Alaenera remembers little of life in her family’s home before the fall of her house. One of her most vivid memories from her childhood was when she was smuggled out of her home by a loyal knight with her mother and brother and sent away.

    Displaced by the aftermath from the betrayal of her father, what remained of her family was forced to live as commoners in a foreign land. In the beginning the Vaeltaris were able to live in tolerable conditions but once the winter arrived, their mother developed greyscale and wishing to die with dignity, committed suicide.

    After the death of her mother, her brother spent most of the day out leaving Alaenera alone in their cottage. Something died in her brother along with their mother which made him almost unrecognizable which worsened her grief. In her mind, she had not only lost her mother but her brother as well. Feeling more alone than ever, Alaenera cried every day until one day, Lucaerion told her they were being taken in by the Prince of Jinqi located in a foreign land called Yi Ti.

    In Yi Ti, Alaenera was given a good education due to her elder brother's service to the Prince of Jinqi and his family and live comfortably but not lavishly. Compare to her previous life, this was paradise, however, there was always room for improvement. Coveting a more luxurious life, Alaenera had her brother help her find a position as one of the Princess' handmaiden in the palace, hoping to find a husband who could provide her with a upper class life.

    During her service to the Princess of Jinqi, Alaenera caught the eye of Varian Velaryon, a visitor who hailed from west of the Jade Sea. Seeing his keen interest as an opportunity, she returned his attention and favors with sweet nothings and coy smiles - empty acts on her part. It was not long before her efforts finally bore fruit and the visitor asked her brother for her hand in marriage. Her brother was reluctant at first but was persuaded when Varian offered him a generous bride price for Alaenera's hand in marriage.

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