A Lady's Favor [Cerran Blackwater / Raymond Fossoway]

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    As King Raymond Fossoway had rested the former night in the Hightower's apartments, he had found it was a good experience, looking out from his window to see the world from so far up high. He rested well, and ultimately would find himself stepping forth from his room once dressed for the day, but unsure of what he was going to do. There was the feasting to get forward to, which typically meant good conversation, and the upcoming tourney whenever that was going to be to take part in, but that meant for the time being, he'd need to make his own entertainment, however that was going to be. He opens the door and enters the hall of rooms before the spiral staircase downwards, and he seems to think.

    Perhaps train for the events to come? Explore around the port city and look for something to buy? Perhaps find one of the guests to speak with and perhaps get to know? Play a game of cyvasse or dragon chess. Whatever the case, the King Fossoway had found himself uncertain on where his life was going, but wanting the best terms possible from the defensive alliance that the Reach Kings found themselves bound by. In part, Raymond has his own internal worries on the situation and felt as if he knew more about things than the other Reach Kings might. After all, he had fought and well understood the consequences of war. He had lived in that experience.

    More than King Florent, Blackwater, and or Hightower in his mind. He understood that there was a curtain and a special balance of things that was in the Seven Kingdoms and that already that balance had been shifted with the Lannisters claiming most of the Crownlands. Why was that so one might ask? It was because there needed to be a curtain and a mutual understanding that things were most precarious. His soft amber eyes softened as he thought back to those times, and with it, he did a bit of thinking. If the Reach Lords did not impede Lannister expansion, then eventually, they would be the next to be consumed within their banners. It was why they couldn't afford to let the Stormlands or Riverlands fall. It was why they needed to work together to make the Reach strong and press forth.

    Standing tall, strong, dark of hair, one could say that Raymond was a textbook Baratheon, truly his mother's son, and quick to anger when prodded in the wrong ways. He hoped that the Reach Kings would see from his perspective in good order, for he hoped to meet them personally at some point or another. He lingered in the hall for a little while, thinking out his plans, but also seemingly staring off at nothing for a while. Eventually, he would consider going out for a work out and a light meal. Then he could figure out what to do perhaps. He wasn't sure.
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    There was another guest, young relative to King Byron Blackwater, who also strongly favoured their Mother. They certainly weren't standing tall, nor were they a picture of strength. Perhaps there was a unique, other worldly quality to them. Faint steps gracefully pattering down the hall. As Raymond stared off into nothing, the fair haired maiden walked passed. Seemingly a bit distracted with her own thoughts, just as he had been.

    "I'm not used to this..." she admitted, pausing a short distance from Raymond. That she voiced her thoughts aloud, indicating she had yet to become aware of his presence. Her Father may not have been at war, this was true but warfare and skirmishes were not unfamiliar. Being a benefactor of sellsword companies in Essos. Their founders experience was never truly blunted. Though in fairness, it did lack some urgency, perhaps?

    Yet Raymond was not alone in thinking about the Lannisters expansion and the special, if not fragile balance that took hold in Westeros. Power was consolidating and before long, the lion could turn it's maw upon the bountiful Reach. Having been across the narrow sea for so long, provided an outsider's perspective to the happenings. One that favoured Raymond's thoughts and ideals. The struggle was convincing her Father on such matters.

    Being the youngest, even as a woman grown, King Blackwater still saw her as a child. A reckless, spoiled child, naive to how Westeros worked. He'd given an inch, conceding that she knew how Essos was. That was what she was meant to do, her role assigned from birth. That at least, mostly wouldn't change with her mistakes. In that way, King Blackwater was both flexible, yet inflexible too. Unwilling to deter much, yet able to adapt to fit his plan.

    "How do ladies influence men anyway? Nevermind their stubborn Fathers..." was the thought on her mind. She turned only to see she was not alone. "Oh, f-forgive me. I didn't see you there--" she paused when her eyes befell Raymond. She focused her gaze, giving him a thorough examination from head to toe. She was thinking, there was a look that said he was familiar in her haunting violet eyes. When she perked up straight in realization, she leaned back, a bit astonished. "R-raymond? Raymond Fossoway?"
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