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    A Fallen Tower


    The Lord of the Hightower was dead.
    The weeping bells of the Starry Sept rang throughout the streets of Oldtown. A somber crowd, journeyed from far and wide, gathered before the God’s Place of Worship.

    Inside, Gawen stood over his father’s still corpse. He looked upon his pale face, and as mournful eyes met those of stone, the young Lord’s heart swelled with sadness.

    , he whimpered.

    With an open hand, he hesitantly reached forth and caressed his father's cheek. It was cold to the touch.

    Gawen took a deep breath, as the aromatic air of the Sept filled his lungs. He struggled to hold back the flood of despair, straining under its weight.

    I will do you proud, he promised.

    He turned from his fathers corpse, his hand trailing behind. For but a brief moment, it lingered on the edge of the altar. A refusal to say goodbye.

    Gawen's family followed in kind. His mother, brother, and sister, each paid their respects. An emotional goodbye was said by each to the patriarch of House Hightower.

    Thereupon, Gawen motioned to his House Guard. “Let them in."

    “My Lord.”

    The lumbering doors of the Starry Sept opened to the nobles of Westeros, who wished to offer their condolences to House Hightower.
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    Sept bells rang throughout Oldtown. Any other time, they would be a welcome reminder of the presence of the gods. This time was different. The air carried a heavier weight to it, and the atmosphere of the old city much more somber than the typical day. It was fitting for a day of mourning.

    The news of the death of the late Lord Lorence Hightower didn't take long to spread throughout the Reach. How far news would spread beyond the Reach was unknown though, and as a principal advisor of the Crown it was Lord Dayne's responsibility to ensure that King Atem had the most up-to-date information as soon as possible. That would wait, though, as the Right Counsellor would pay respects to the House Hightower on behalf of the Iron Throne.

    Riding through the cobblestone and dirt paths of Oldtown flanked by a modest couplet of guards, the closer he traveled to the Starry Sept, the more condensed the slowly moving Oldtown denizens were. Fortunately mutual respect was to be had with no need to assert rank or status, as horses naturally cleared paths even at their slowest.

    Coming to the base of the sept, Leighton dismounted and handed his guard the reigns. He didn't wait for the other before he joined the other nobles and lesser lords to pay their respects. At the doorway, he saw the late Lord Hightower lay, eyes open to the heavens above. Absent a badge of office, he was indistinguishable to those who didn't recognize him as he took his place in the line of nobles ready to pay their respects.

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    Reynard knew not the Hightower which departed from life and into the waiting hands of death, but he had heard the stories. Good or bad Reynard's father was a learned man and passed on as much as he could before promptly shuffling off himself. Oh how dreadful, The Florent thought. Despite the frequency of the Stranger's touch it was not easy to brush the thought of mortality from the mind. Healthy or sick, old or young, death will find him eventually. As it finds everyone. As it found the Lord of Hightower.

    Among the crowd of other nobles he put on a mournful expression, mimicking those more familiar with the Hightower lord. In this moment Reynard only planned on offering his condolences and taking note of those that appeared, perhaps speaking to the Hightower Scion in the days to come if the moment presented itself.

    Glancing through the doors he spotted the dressed Lord Lorence Hightower and bowed his head almost subconsciously, a gesture of reverence of both the man and the death. Respect in all forms, his father spoke.

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