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In a Galaxy rife with uncertainty and conflict, the Iron Legion stands tall.
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Jun 20, 2021
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The Iron Legion is a faction of those who do not trust in the Galactic Powers to maintain the peace and wellbeing of the people after the destruction of the Pietas Station. Those of the Iron Legion stand independent of the Galactic Powers that exist and do not operate or act under their doctrines.

The Iron Legion is composed of individuals from all walks of life, though one's status and position are dictated by actions and not words. At the core of it all is a burning desire to shape one's future with one's own hands. Vision is achieved through action and not merely idle talk.

Those of the Iron Legion are typically Force-Sensitive individuals, though not tainted with the halcyonic ideologies of the Jedi or corrupted by the dark teachings of the Sith, rather viewing the Force and its powers as a tool to be used rather than following its many cults. The Iron Legion acts as a militarized peace-keeping Force.


Just follow the rules of Odyssey for the most part. Be respectful of your fellow members and do not be childish are the only things that are asked to be followed. If there are questions or concerns you have specifically regarding the Iron Legion, raise them with myself or the faction staff.
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