He Has My Blood….. (Thread)

CS 71 1st November 2010

Ned Stark: I am anxiously waiting for his son Jon to arrive…. The boy is late again. <pacing back and forth across the study>

Jon Snow: < This is a bit unusual for my father to summon me like this. I walk into the castle and find my way to his study, and slowly open the door> *peers in* “You’ve called for me father?”

Ned Stark: <says with forlorn voice> “Yes, Jon. Sit down, son.” <holds chair for him… once Jon is seated, seats himself> “Jon, I need to know. How has Caitlyn been treating you?” <suspects he knows what answer will come and shores self>

Jon Snow:  “Lady Catelyn?” *ponders my answer for a moment* “She is very kind to me father, and she is a good mother to the other Stark children.” <I’m a really bad liar, and I know that father knows it as well.>

Ned Stark:  “Jon… look me in the eyes and say that. I love Caitlyn. She is my kindred spirit. But I also know that I hurt her, and that her pain is taken out on you. Talk to me child.”

Jon Snow: *gives in* “She doesn’t like me spending time with the others, Bran especially. We make eye contact from time to time, and all I see is hatred. She never speaks to me except for when she is giving orders. I understand her frustration, but sometimes I don’t know what to think.”

Ned Stark: <places his hand on Jon’s shoulder and leans towards him> “Jon, you have done nothing wrong, son. Caitlyn’s treatment of you comes from the pain I caused her. The responsibility lies with me. Please know that I love you son, but I can’t make her love you. I am so sorry.”

Jon Snow:  “I know, father… I only wonder, if she can forgive you, why she can’t also look past the fact that I am your bastard… I know that she is not my mother, and I do not expect her to love me as her son… But I want to spend time with my brothers and sisters, Bran and Arya especially. I may only be their half brother, but I’m their brother nonetheless, and I will not stop being a brother to them. This is what I wish Lady Catleyn could come to understand.”

Ned Stark: <can feel the hurt in his son’s voice and can read the pain on his face> “Son, I know. I have talked to Caitlyn, but I can’t change her. I am proud of you for your devotion to your brothers and sisters, and particularly the kindness and support you have extended towards Bran. The child loves you, and with good reason.”

Jon Snow: <I’m glad my father understands> “If you happen to ever talk to her about me… please tell her that I harbor no ill feelings towards her… I only wish she would accept that I am the other’s brother, and accept my spending time with them. I wish that she and I could have a heart to heart. Tell her for me… would you, father?” *hopes father will be my messenger of peace*

Ned Stark: <This is a far taller request than my son realizes…. Caitlyn is headstrong, and although I be the King’s Hand, the power in our relationship rests with her.> “Yes, Jon. I will talk to Caitlyn again. Perhaps she will soften now that she has seen firsthand all you have done for our Bran during his most darkest of days.” <wraps his arms around his son, and gives him a warm hug>

~~~~~ fade to black ~~~~~


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